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     Here are some reoccurring questions sent in by our inquisitive filmmakers and audience members regarding the Oddity Festival. We've responded individually to these inquiries, but figure some of you other folks might have the same questions. We hope this helps you out!


QUESTION: "Can I submit more than one film to the Oddity Festival?"

    ANSWER: Yes you can! Submit as many as you want! Remember, each film is considered a separate entry and requires a separate entry fee.  Submissions are accepted exclusively through FilmFreeway.


QUESTION: "Are you pre-screening submissions?"

    ANSWER: Yes. We have only so much time allotted to show films. If it were possible to show 1,000, we would. but we can’t, so our pre-screeners decide which films we should show. Their decision is not a reflection on the value of your film should it not be selected. Oh, and remember, we will not screen pornography.


QUESTION: “Why no porn?”

    ANSWER: We just wouldn’t have time to pre-screen all the qualified entries. 


QUESTION: “Where the heck is Huntingdon?”

    ANSWER: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA, is located about 30 miles south of State College, about 35 miles east of Altoona and about 90 miles west of Harrisburg.


QUESTION: “If my film has screened at other festivals already, am I still eligible to submit?”

    ANSWER: YES! We don’t care how many times your films has already screened.  Chances are it has not screened here..

QUESTION: “I’d like to see the show, where do I get tickets?”

   ANSWER: Follow the link on our home page or go directly to FilmFreeway.

You can also purchase tickets and passes (cash only) in the theater during regular festival hours.

QUESTION: “Is the festival suitable for children?”

  ANSWER: Frequently no; however, we have two All-Ages shows each year - a block of shorts and a feature film.  Children 18 and under are admitted FREE to these programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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